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NATSU ACROBAT Robot Assembly

Glass on construction sites, such as marble and granite plates on the front of equipment used in floor or ceiling mounting.
Telescopic forklift loader fork Assembly designed to be mounted on the robot or by the operator can make extremely precise positioning natsu Acrobat.
500 kg lifting capacity.
1810mm working radius.
The energy works with 220V connection. 24V with optional rechargeable battery can also be manufactured.
10 degrees to the left from the center, turn 10 degrees to the right from the center.
From the centre 20 degrees down, 20 degrees up from the Center to turn
Loss of Vacuum on audible and visual warning on the Control Panel

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natsu vakum

The forks of the forklift which can be attached to panels,glass,Marble plate mounting machine

All movements are hydraulic,not cable-operated Push-Button controls

Electric supply 220V

Oily type ( Rotary vane )vacuum pump

Time vacuum and hydraulic pressure integrated into the housing

600 kg. Machine weight

The vacuum pads can be adjusted in both directions to remove the glass or panel, appropriate number can be determined according to the customer's preference

natsu vakum
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